Meet Marley

The orphaned fox whose story will support the rescue and care for other animals in need.

In April 2020 Marley the fox was found alone, frightened, crying for her mum. Sadly, the mum was nowhere to be seen and with Marley being so small, only two-weeks old, and clearly distressed, action needed to betaken.

Unable to find a nearby rescue centre (there is not currently a rescue centre on the island), the couple who found Marley, contacted Pauline, a local animal carer.

“Marley was so poorly when we found her, she was covered in flies and ticks. They were in her ears, everywhere. She was throwing up worms, really big ones, they were longer than her. She definitely would have died if she’d been found just 15 minutes later.”"

founder of Marley's haven

After months of caring for Marley she is now fully recovered and enjoying her new life with Ernie the bulldog. Watch Marley's story below:

Supporting the rescue and release of other foxes in need

Keep The Ban are proud to be supporting Marley and the future rescue and release of other foxes and wildlife who need help.

Our mission is to ensure a compassionate and safe future for wild foxes, and we fully support Pauline’s efforts to help other orphaned or injured wildlife on the Isle of Wight, where there is currently no facility to care for wild foxes, and safely return them to the wild – where they belong.

It is important to emphasise that foxes are wild animals and Keep The Ban does not encourage or approve the keeping of wild animals as pets. In this case, Marley was so young and needed to be on medication for such a long time that she was not able to be released.

Pauline – “I definitely don’t think foxes should be pets. I don’t want people to see that I have a fox and think they should do the same.”

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