Why does the ban on hunting need to be strengthened?

Why does the ban on hunting need to be strengthened?

Whilst there have been over 500 successful convictions under the 2004 Hunting Act, there are still hundreds of hunts across the country killing wildlife and getting away with it. The main reasons for this are that when the 2004 Hunting Act was put into place it included a variety of exemptions which have enabled hunts to provide a defence for their activities.

It has meant it is increasingly difficult for the police and CPS to carry out more successful convictions and as time has gone on the hunts have learnt to exploit the loopholes in the ban. It is evident that the ban on hunting needs to be strengthened. The rate at which illegal hunting continues to take place is shocking and the report published by campaign group Action Against Fox Hunting evidences the sheer number of incidents which the police have simply turned a blind eye to.

Keep The Ban is campaigning for a number of amendments to be made to the 2004 Hunting Act to ensure the loopholes are removed and that the hunts can no longer hide behind exemptions and trail hunt lies.

To find out more about our proposals and how you can take action on behalf of wildlife please head to our campaign page here.

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