What is cubbing?

What is cubbing?

Cubbing is a cruel and barbaric form of hunting used to train the hounds to kill, and get a taste for blood. The season officially starts on August 1st and runs until the end of October. Despite what the hunts say, hunting a live mammal does not come naturally to a hound. This is where cubbing comes into play.

The hounds are put into a small woodland or crop field from one side, so as to flush out any foxes inside the area, whilst hunt supporters surround the woodland to prevent any fox cubs from escaping. Prior to the hunt, it is likely that Terriermen will cover up underground holes so as to prevent any foxes from escaping.

The hunt does this not only to train the hounds to kill but also to disperse foxes to a wider area so it is easier to hunt them during the main season. Prior to the introduction of the hunting ban, the Burns Inquiry found that of the estimated 25,000 foxes killed each year by registered packs, about 40% of these foxes are killed in the cub hunting season.

That’s up to 10,000 fox cubs ripped to pieces by hounds every single year. In order to stop this we must raise awareness of this barbaric activity and ask the public to report suspicious activity.

There are a few signs to identify cubbing;

The hunt will be out very early in the morning or very late at night.

They’ll most likely be wearing tweed as opposed to red.

They’ll be a group of riders surrounding a small woodland or crop field.

Cubbing is also a lot more static than usual hunting The vast majority of the public remain completely unaware that this disgusting activity takes place and the hunts want it to remain this way. Despite being illegal under the 2004 Hunting Act, cubbing continues to take place, and the lives of countless fox cubs are lost to this horrendous activity. It is the dirtiest secret of the hunts.

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