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There’s #NoDefence for fox hunting. Major landowners such as the National Trust and Forestry England have committed to ending hunting on their land but the Ministry of Defence is still licencing so-called ‘trail hunts’.

Keep The Ban is calling on these licences to be permanently ended heading into the next hunting season.
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Let's end hunting on Ministry of Defence land.
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Key points:

Defence chiefs issued licences to 23 hunts to use 10 of the Armed Forces' sites during the 2021/2022 season.
The Defence Infrastructure Organisation gave out 19 grants to hunts in the season before the pandemic struck, 26 in 2019 and 21 in 2018.
TMoD spokesman said: 'Trail hunting continues to be permitted on MOD land, subject to hunts obtaining and abiding by the terms of a trail hunting licence and the law.'

A trail of lies

‘Trail hunting’ has continued to be used as a smokescreen by hunts across the UK to coveruptheir barbaric activities and continue to illegally hunt wild foxes.

Please watch our animation below created by the talented Ben Sinclair for Keep The Ban.

Since fox hunting became illegal in 2004 there has been endless evidence that hunts have no desire to abide by the law.

With thousands of foxes still being murdered, the use of terrier men, hounds clearly not following a scent and causing harm (and death) to domestic animals, and the shocking exposé of senior huntsman Mark Hankinson declaring on a webinar that trail hunting is in fact a ‘smokescreen’.

This year the National Trust made the historic decision to ban so-called ‘trail hunts’ from their land and Keep The Ban is now pushing to ensure all other landowners follow suit.


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